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Systematic pathway transforming your vision to engaging content

Initial Steps:

First, I’ll review your website and collateral. By doing this I’ll learn:

  • Your brand.
  • Your products.
  • The foundation products that contributed to your current success.
  • Your history.
  • Your competition.
  • Your key players.
  • Reviewers for the project.


Next is an intensive interview which I call a Discovery Session. It’s an opportunity to ensure I know your bottom-line objective(s). We can do this by phone, or through a written questionnaire. You decide on that. Through this process I’ll learn:

  • What are the communication goals of the piece(s)?
  • Who’s your target audience, or audiences?
  • Based on your expert knowledge, what features and benefits should I stress?
  • Do you want a call to action, or simply informational content?
  • Do you need collateral materials? If so, what are they? I may suggest some.
  • Looking down the road in six months, what would you like your business to look like as a result of this project?

And so on. Once I’m done, I’ll have what I need, but most importantly, I’ll know what you need from me.


This is when I dig deeper into your needs and the needs for your client. In this phase, I determine:

  • What unique content about your products or services has been missed along the way.
  • What sales opportunities are there.
  • Are there benefits , or even improved benefits that have not been highlighted previously.
  • Is there something common or unique about your target audience that has been overlooked that new content can address. Some examples are the ages of your client, different buying habits and so on.

I look for the best way to feature your company as the hero and the expert in B2B education products and services. I’ll brainstorm, write, re-write, edit and re-write some more. But when I’m finished, I’ll present you with a draft I’m honored to provide.

Client Review:

You have the final say. After you review the draft, you’ll tell me:

  • Your opinion about it.
  • If the facts are correct.
  • If the initial objectives were reached.
  • Potential graphics. I can work with someone on your team, or utilize/recommend my own designer.

You tell me your revisions and I’ll incorporate them into the next draft. Then I’ll resubmit it to you.

Follow-up Evaluation:

Upon completion, the following happens:

  • Complimentary follow-up consultation evaluating the piece and where improvements could be made.
  • Review of the Discovery Session to discuss new approaches to your company story.
  • Mapping out potential new projects and support content that meet your goals and grow your business.

More information on my process, and the specifics of a Discovery Session
can be found in my full Information Packet.
Contact me for it today.

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