What’s a Micro Bulldog Anyway? - Holly
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What’s a Micro Bulldog Anyway?

A Little History

Also known as a mini bulldog, the micro bulldog is a rare breed of beloved pet. Size, not weight, determines its mini status. Although not nationally recognized by kennel clubs like its standard-sized cousin, this cute, lovable pooch may be just what you’re looking for in a pet.

Originally bred in Great Britain, English Bulldogs are a cross between various types of breeds. The micro bulldog is a cross between a purebred bulldog with a purebred pug. Although best known as a micro, it is also referred to as a teacup bulldog, miniature bulldog, and hybrid bulldog.

Is a Micro Bulldog Right for You?

Before owning any dog, matching the one that best matches your lifestyle and personality can make all the difference in an adjustment period. There are many advantages of owning a micro bulldog that other types of dogs may not have. There are also a few drawbacks. Before bringing one home and loving it to pieces, here are a few to consider first:

Low maintenance

If you don’t like grooming, a micro bully dog is perfect. It doesn’t need frequent brushing or bathing. A short-haired dog, it doesn’t even require much trimming. You and your pet can spend that time in more enjoyable pursuits.


Trips to the dog park and walks are two of this dog’s favorite activities. Just like you, the dog feels better when healthy and fit, so exercise is essential. If you are an active person, you and a micro bull will be good friends.

Terrific with kids

If you have a family, a micro bulldog will be well loved and adapt quickly to all the activity of household life. And if friends and relatives visit, it will be very friendly and eager to please.

Hard to train

Many dog owners want their dogs trained smoothly. Unfortunately, a micro bulldog isn’t one that responds quickly to training techniques. While it is possible to train one, it will require patience and dedication. If you are a first-time dog owner, consider a different breed.

Not a watchdog

If a stranger is present in your home, the micro bull is not apt to alert you. So if you need a dog that barks at anything unusual, this miniature bulldog is not the best pet for you.

There is no doubt the micro bulldog will love and adore you no matter what. If the few drawbacks of this miniature don’t bother you, it may be the ideal pet for you.

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