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Why Holly?


Authentic content that engages your readers


Whether you’re writing a romance novel, memoir, or informational piece, you’re looking for a way to tell your story in a way that’s unique. Yet you still want who you are and what you want to say threaded throughout the writing.

You know you have the ideas. You know those ideas can work. Maybe you’ve even put them on paper. But if you’re like most people, when it comes to publishing what you’ve written, you’re unsure if it’s good enough. So something that may have sparkle-quality at its foundation stays hidden away.

Before I became an editor and ghostwriter, I worked in education, social services and healthcare for nearly 40 years. During that time I taught creative and business writing. I wrote stories, essays, memoir, books, proposals, and even marketing copy. Writing other documents such as white papers, case studies and newsletters were part of my daily life.

How can an editor and ghostwriter help you?

I understand audiences in a way writers don’t. I have a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in engaging readers. Motivating individuals to keep reading requires a balance of story and tension they immediately relate to. They say, “Hey, that’s me!”

I help my clients achieve this balance through use of realistic story and insertion of appropriate tension. The result is your readers feel like they are part of the narrative.

What makes me a different kind of content writer?

I have worked with new writers, seasoned writers and even professional writers. I’ve even worked with writers creating their initial novel outlines. This helps them resolve potential issues before they write 75,000 words only to scrap them due to a dropped story line they didn’t see it. I’ve also worked with young writers developing personal stories for college portfolios.

I bring you a complete package of skills. I can edit, teach, and write from a fiction or non-fiction perspective for both pleasure-reading and business professional audiences. Because I am also an avid reader of how-to, academic, sci-fi, romance, and fantasy genres, I’m aware of current trends.

I’ll ask you lots of questions to understand your bigger picture. What are your goals? What would you like see in your piece(s)?

The objective is to get a complete picture of your desire before any writing is done. This is your story in your voice; not mine. I am your “guide on the side,” as an editor or writer. I love building relationships with clients and helping them meet their goals with compelling, genuine, story.

Learn more about my writing services

Do you need personal, or business editing/ghostwriting?

Editing: I can take what you’ve written and identify where the flow works and where it doesn’t; where something is confusing or unclear; where there is too much tension or not enough; and even where a reader where say, “I’m bored.” I can help give an extra spark to your writing.

Writing: Do you need a refresh for an information piece? Do you have a good blog but want to repurpose it into a different type of document? Do you want to write a short story for submission to someone? Do you have novel, pleasure or business, inside you, but need someone to write it? These are all possibilities.

What will you get by working with me?

  • You’ll get an editor and mentor. As an editor, my job is to review whatever initial draft you present and to provide suggestions and examples of how it can be improved.
  • You’ll get a ghostwriter. As a ghostwriter, I write it for you. We’ll have an initial conversation about what you hope to accomplish. Then I get to work writing for you. I present you with a draft for your feedback. After that, I make changes based on that feedback.

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